Avlagte doktorgrader

Oversikt over avlagte doktorgrader ved Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus.

Avlagte doktorgrader 2019

Gunnar Petursson, Computernavigation and fixation in total knee replacements: A registry based and randomized clinical trial study including radiostereometric analysis. 

Kirsti Kaul Jenssen, Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in the shoulder. Clinical outcomes and radiological results: Prognostic factors, postoperative rehabilitation and treatment of acute postoperative infection.

Avlagte doktorgrader 2018

Ragnhild Marie Undseth, Irritable bowel syndrome. Clinical, pathophysiological and radiological aspects.

Kristin Østlie, Listening to suicikal patients in psychotherapy: How therapeutic relationships may expand patients prospects for living their lives.

Avlagte doktorgrader 2017

Maren Falch Lindberg, Factors that predict the trajectories of acute pain, pain with walking, and self-rated health after total knee arthroplasty – a longitudinal study.

Lise-Merete Alpers
, Helsepersonells kompetansebehov i møte med etniske minoritetspasienter.

Hans Ole Korsgaard, Personality Disorders in Adolescent Outpatients: a Cross-sectional Study of Prevalence, Comorbidity and Quality of Life

Avlagte doktorgrader 2016

Tuva Sandsdalen, Quality in palliative care from the patient perspective. Instrument development, perceptions of care received and the importance of care.

Karoline Alexandra Havdahl, Emotional reactivity, psychiatric symptoms and medication use in children with autism spectrum disorders. NWI.

Vendel Kristensen, Diagnostics and evaluation of inflammatory bowel disease with calprotectin in feces. Evaluation of clinical benefit and quality of rapid tests.

Aleksander Grande Hansen, MRI of the paranasal sinuses: Incidental findings and opacification in relation to the lower Airways and headache. Kirurgisk klinikk.

Bjørnar Torske Antonsen, Long Term Clinical Outcome of Psychotherapeutic Treatement for Patients with Personality Disorders: Findings ffrom a Randomized Study. Medisinsk klinikk. Sammendrag

Kristin Holm Tjessem, Long-term cardiac function in breast cancer survivors after multimodal treatment. Medisinsk klinikk. Sammendrag

Avlagte doktorgrader 2015

Tobias Erik Herrscher, Sleep disordered breathing: Prevalence in heart failure patients and its association with cardiovascular risk. Medisinsk klinikk , Sammendrag.

Trygve Sørdahl Hall, Novel aspects of cardiovascular biomarkers in myocardial infarction and obstructive sleep apnea. Sammendrag.

Christine Råheim Borge - Breathing Control in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Symptom cluster, self-efficacy and quality of life in people with COPD. Sammendrag.

Geir Larsson - Differentiation of Crohn's disease and intestinal tbc in populations of high vs. low tbc endemicity.Samendrag.

Avlagte doktorgrader 2014

Sigrid Medhus, Acute psychosis induced by amphetamine. Psykiatrisk klinikk. Sammendrag.

Kirsten Lundgreen, The role of apoptosis in rotator cuff tendinopathy. Kirurgisk klinikk. Sammendrag.

Morten Magelssen, End-of-Life Decisions: A New Natural Law Approach. Medisinsk klinikk. Sammendrag.

Øystein Skare, Rehabilitering etter luksasjoner eller labrumskader i skulder. Helserelatert livskvalitet og funksjon ved smerter og skulderinstabilitet. Kirurgisk klinikk. Sammendrag.

Hans Petter Solli, A Qualitative Study of Psychotic Patients's Experiences with Music Therapy. Psykiatrisk klinikk. Sammendrag.

Avlagte doktorgrader 2013

Einar Lindalen, Reverse hybrid Total Hip Replacement: Wear, fixation and bone remodeling. Klinikk for kirurgi. Sammendrag.

Håvar Blich Hope, Malabsorption in chronic alcoholism. Klinikk for medisin. Sammendrag.

Avlagte doktorgrader 2012

Rønnaug Sæves, Prader-Willi syndrome in Norway. Oral aspects. TAKO-senteret. Sammendrag.

Schale Azak, Differential developmental pathways among young children of depressed mothers. Nic Waals Institutt. Abstract.

Anne Benedicte Skirbekk, Neurodevelopmental problems in a clinical sample of children with anxiety disorders. Nic Waals Institutt. Abstract og fulltekst avhandling.

Avlagte doktorgrader 2011

Kari Langaard, Et utviklingsperspektiv som ramme for samtaler med ungdom i skolehelsetjenesten. Aktivitet, intensjonalitet og tilpasset utviklingsstøtte. Nic Waals Institutt. Abstract.

Jon Mordal, Recent substance intake and drug influence among patients admitted to acute psychiatric wards. A cross - sectional study of toxicological findings, physician assessment and patient self-report in two Norwegian hospitals. Psykiatrisk avdeling. Abstract.

Jorunn Solheim, Hearing loss in the elderly. Consequences of hearing loss and considerations of audiological rehabilitation. Klinikk for Kirurgi. Sammendrag.

Kari Tveito, 13C-labelled breath tests in malabsorption. Studies of patients with coeliac disease. Klinikk for Medisin. Abstract.

Avlagte doktorgrader 2004 - 2010

Hege Salvesen Blix, Drug-related problems in hospitalised patients. A prospective bedside study of an issue needing particular attention. Apoteket. Abstract.

S. Axelsson, Variability of the cranial and dental phenotype in Williams syndrome. TAKO-senteret. Abstract.

T. Waaktaar, Stability and change in youths' behaviour: An exploration of stress and resilience process. Nic Waals Institutt/Institute of psychology, University of Oslo. Abstract.

Hilde Nordgarden, On Oligodontia, Ectodermal Dysplasias and Salivary Gland Development and Function. TAKO-senteret. Fulltekst avhandling.

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